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Drick Ward Consulting - Real Estate Technology

With a decade in real estate, a quarter century in technology, and my formal education in adult training and human resource management, I am uniquely qualified as fluent in technology, business, and real estate.

Business Model Analysis and Planning

The face of the real estate industry, like all things, is changing.  Making sure you have the right approach for today's marketplace is essential to continued success.  Don't rely on doing things the way they have always been done just because it's worked in the past.  At the same time, don't rush ahead with every new idea that comes down the pike.  Instead, you need guidance to make sure your are paying attention to the right indicators and metrics so your business is built on a solid plan that will work.

Data Manipulation Services

Sometimes getting data out of one system and into another seems much more difficult than it should be.  I have been creating data manipulation routines to automate repetitive tasks or quickly apply a process to a large quantity of data since 1987.  Let's talk more about what you are trying to accomplish and there may be an effective solution that's easier than you think.

Business Systems

A successful business needs more than a good idea, product, or service; it needs a system.  If you left your business today and came back a year later, would you return to find it more profitable than when you left?  If not, you need a plan to develop your business to the point that it can successfully grow without your constant supervision. This is what sets apart the self-employed from the true business owners.  You are the industry expert; I can help you document and develop your business systems so you have the freedom to focus your energies where they will produce the most effective return.

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